The Griffin Group

Griffin Group Platform:

The Griffin Group employs a stable of institutional and, in some cases, high net worth individuals in financing to-be-built condominiums, retail centers, office projects as well as specialized real estate transactions. In many cases, we finance 95% or more of the “capital stack” as applied to the full budgeted cost. The budgeted costs include current land value, developer fees, interest reserve and all associated hard and soft costs. Our investors’ requirements are well known to Griffin, thus, we can achieve maximum synergy within the least cost scenario. Our attention to detail, transaction engineering, presentation materials and follow through to closing are world-class. We have a track record of achievement, that has depth and breadth. In many cases, Griffin has been retained repeatedly on many transactions with the same developers who know and understand the value of our services.

Sourcing the proper equity, mezzanine and/or senior financing is an art form unto itself. Each transaction has its own nuances. The specificity of Griffin’s market knowledge is unmatched in the industry. Acting as either correspondent or broker, Griffin maintains the flexibility to weave the fabric of a transaction, creating a beneficial situation for all involved. Transaction size is for all intents and purposes unlimited, with Griffin’s average transaction being $25,000,000. Our range of transactions to date has been from $5,000,000 to over $250,000,000.

Griffin has available both long-term and short-term financing for portfolios and individual properties on a recourse or non-recourse basis. Our team can analyze the situation quickly and efficiently, assemble the necessary documentation and deliver a high-tech financing package to our institutional base, through our proprietary platform.

The definition and delineation of details, communicated properly regarding a specific project, dictates the achievement of the least-cost scenario. The trust and confidence bestowed upon Griffin by its clients is an industry benchmark.

In addition to market knowledge and penetration, Griffin ’s presentation analysis and method of information flow are cutting edge, allowing our clients access to capital on a priority basis.

Whether Griffin is engaged to finance a single asset or a portfolio of assets, clients need to understand the depth and breadth of the experience applied to each and every engagement. Griffin brings a passion for the industry to our retained engagements, which shows in every detail.

It is unique when all requirements are found under one roof . . . . Griffin’s!

It is unusual when a firm has the vision to execute recapitalizations, exit strategies, and partner buyouts. Understanding the needs of the client and engineering a plan isn’t enough. Execution of the plan requires experience and sophistication. The Griffin Group has been engaged repeatedly and successfully closed transactions of this nature.

Recapitalization allows firms to grow to a new level, perhaps replacing limited “country club” equity with virtually unlimited institutional resources.

Exit strategies apply to both people and specific property or property lines of business. Griffin consults and recommends a strategy that never compromises value.

Partner buyouts occur for many reasons. Whether for tax planning, management succession or other reasons, Griffin fills the need.

Our staff has the required education and hands-on business experience upon which our clients capitalize when monetizing their assets.

Whether it is the recapitalization of an entire real estate development company, exit strategies applied to entire companies, specific people or projects, Griffin is well versed in all areas referenced and applies its knowledge and experience.