The Griffin Family of Companies is Growing

July 30, 2021 • Author: Howard Taylor

JACKSONVILLE, FL: A sister company to The Griffin Group International, LLC (“GGI”), Griffin Strategic Consulting (“GSC”) has been formed and is operational. GGI will carry on its 40-year heritage in the institutional debt and equity arenas for sponsors. To avoid any conflict of interest, both GGI and GSC are stand-alone entities and will remain so.

GSC’s mission is to assist CRE Sponsors PRIOR TO ENTERING THE DEBT AND EQUITY MARKETS by strategically positioning their CRE projects/holdings to gain attention from institutional sources.

There are many factors that allow GSC to piggy-back on GGI, and provide CRE strategies through GSC, without obligation or quid pro quo to GGI:

1) We are in the market daily through The Griffin Group International, LLC while we fill our client’s needs for institutional debt and equity. Griffin, doing one-off as well as bulk exclusive engagements, provides an alignment of interests for all stakeholders. That daily interaction can inure to the benefit of sponsors.

2) 40 years of experience and growing, with involvement in but not limited to demand generation and site selection, development, financing (non-recourse and recourse), construction, governmental approvals, grants, tax credits, TIFs, politics, etc.

3) GGI’s experience with numerous property types, including apartments, condos, retail, office, industrial, health care, senior housing, student housing, mobile home parks, self-storage, distribution, manufacturing, etc.

4 GGI’s experience in debt and equity for ground-up, permanent, securitized financings, value-add, bridge, etc.

5) GGI’s keen sense of marketing, and its proprietary computerized funding parameters are in alignment with directing clients to the proper lane and source.

6) GSC’s guidance to sponsors building the entire capital stack including equity, mezzanine and senior financing in tranches geared to sponsors’ needs.

7) The principals’ personal experience with major CRE. At one time or another in the past, we have walked in your shoes. Unlike any other, we know what NOT TO DO, as well as what TO DO.

Thus, we offer our consulting services through GSC to address the project market demand, least cost, best execution, as well as premier target marketing strategies for the sponsor.